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Pergola Altea Pergola Moraira


A modern design with straight lines that invites you to use the spaces that until now were only intended for the summer season.

Their multiple configuration possibilities make them ideal for terraces, gardens, patios, attics or chalets. In addition to being one of the most used resources in the hospitality industry to adapt open spaces and turn them into highly conditioned areas.


You can choose the finish of the pergola from a wide variety of color charts (RAL / Futura).


The user of the Pergola is always in control of it. With the Codeval remote control you will be able to orient the slats from 0º to 145º. The remote control has four predefined positions, but regardless of these, you can vary the orientation until you find the desired position.
With the Altea Model Pergola from Codeval Aluminum you will have the opportunity to experience the desired thermal sensation at all times.


The installation of the Altea Model Pergola by Codeval Aluminum does not require any type of work, since it is designed so that its installation can be carried out with a minimum of personnel and few tools.
Each Pergola will be supplied with a Technical Manual, which together with the professionalism of our Official Installers, will ensure that the installation is carried out accurately and satisfactorily.
The installation must be carried out by personnel authorized by Codeval Aluminum, for which they have previously received the necessary training to be recognized as an Official Installer of Codeval Aluminum.


Rain Sensor


Codeval Aluminum has opted for innovation and has provided the Altea Pergola with measures such as the rain sensor, which is installed by default in each of the Pergolas supplied. The sensor offers the assurance that the rain will not interrupt your evening, since the slats will close automatically.

Wind Sensor


The wind sensor allows the pergola to decide when to open the slats so that in no case can it suffer any damage from a high wind load. The wind sensor prevails over the rain sensor.

Snow sensor


The snow sensor allows the pergola to decide when to open the slats so that in no case can it suffer any damage from a high snow load.

Motion sensor


The motion sensor allows you to use the heating only when the pergola is occupied, avoiding the consequent unnecessary waste of energy and at the same time favoring the environment.


The Altea Codeval Aluminum Pergola Model has been designed so that inclement weather does not prevent you from enjoying the space it offers.
The profiles have been designed so that when the slats are closed they can collect and guide the water towards the gutter that has the perimeter beam and this, at the same time, can evacuate it through the posts intended for it.
The robustness of the Altea Pergola allows it to withstand winds of 175 km / h and has been tested in a notified laboratory which certifies that the Altea pergola from Codeval Aluminum is suitable to be installed in areas at risk of hurricanes.


The pergola is manufactured solely motorized, it uses a 24 Vdc motor. which is integrated into one of the beams. This guarantees that in the face of inclement weather it does not suffer any damage. All the wiring is hidden inside the profiles, thus guaranteeing the proper functioning of the product.
The slats of the Pergola Altea have been specially designed to evacuate rainwater towards the perimeter beams, which channel the water to the drainage point. The lower part of the slat is completely flat, so having them in the closed position will present us with a smooth surface in line with the rest of the Pergola.


Many options in enclosures to isolate your pergola from the outside, from sliding glass, fixed, panels, etc. Choose the one that best suits your project.



You can also insulate your pergola with custom canvas screens in a multitude of colors and materials, and you can also install a retractable motor to cover your pergola automatically from your remote or smartphone.


Codeval Aluminum SL certifies that our pergolas comply with the following certificates:

Rain: UNE-EN 12056-3.

Wind Load:  CLASS 6 UNE EN 13659: 2004 + A1: 2009.

Snow load: CTE (100 Kg / m2).


Codeval Aluminum SL provides the customer with a guarantee according to standards QUALICOAT before the deformation or discoloration of the aluminum.

3-year Warranty on Electronics and Motorization.
2 years warranty on lighting.

Our partner selected for the surface finishes of the product is authorized to use the Qualicoat and Qualicoat Seaside quality seal and therefore to guarantee its finish.


Bureau Veritas certifies that Codeval Aluminum has ISO 9001 in the management of its product.