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The CODEVAL ALUMINUM Mobile Roof system offers a wide range of constructive possibilities since it allows to create fixed, manual or motorized systems. Made of 6063 alloy aluminum with T-5 treatment, it has all the necessary accessories for optimal operation and a good aesthetic finish.

Fixed ceilings can be made with 16mm panel or 52/84 mm self-supporting panel. It is also possible to create mobile roofs with up to 5 leaves, adapting the supplementary guide profile. It incorporates a water evacuation system and once closed our roofs are totally watertight, protecting the interior from rain and other elements such as wind or snow. The profile system is assembled with screws and hidden fasteners without the need for masonry works.


The best materials together with the latest technology give us a great advantage when designing your custom ceiling for any space.


At Codeval we are characterized by our desire to improve, our R&D department is kept up-to-date to offer the appropriate materials for your project.


The constant evolution that we live in the construction sector forces us to maintain some of the highest levels of quality and development in the market.